Suzuki Trim Gauge

Suzuki Trim Gauge

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Product Description

Ideal for inboards, including diesels, Premier White features polished stainless steel bezels and clean white dials with modern black graphics. When illuminated, black dial grads become red and pointer lights red. Automotive type light-piping and fog-resistant design combined for outstanding readability.


  • Full automotive type lighting, no "halo" around dial edges.  When lit, white dial grads become red, pointer lights white.
  • White dial, black graduations/numerals (metrics in blue), red pointer staff.
  • Scratch resistant curved glass lenses, with black, near flush bezels.
  • U.S. and metric scales, with ISO symbols, where appropriate.
  • Optional add-on square bezels for modular appearance.
  • Fog-Resistant Design
  • Part Number : 62550