30 Amp 125 Volt RV Power Outlet Box, Weatherproof TT-30R Outdoor Electrical Receptacle

  • $39.99
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Product Description

Plug your RV in to a 30 amp circuit at home
We are dedicated in offering solution to power your RV in a safe and easy way. Our rv outlet box keep the RV charged and able to work in the RV with the air conditioner and testing all the equipment before long trip.

• Material: Iron
• Current Rating:30 Amps
• Voltage Rating: 120 Volt
• Socket type: TT-30R receptacle

Outside & Inside Installation
• Our rv outlet power box allows you to put power where you need it. Well engineered receptacle with swing cover is weather protection from rain, snow, UV, dust which certified for outdoor and indoor mounting.
• We suggest that you must select an appropriate position where your RV park for the most time and your main breaker panel near by before installation.

Easy to Assemble and Disassemble
• Comes pre-assembled for immediate installation right out of the box
• Use a cross screwdriver to easily open the top and socket panel
• There are there knockouts and one top hole for wiring, you can chose either one near the breaker panel to install. Just unscrew the screw if you go through the top existing hole for wiring. If you choose to knock it out, recommend use a step drill bit or hole saw to punch the knockouts out.