4 Pack Stabilizing Jack Pads, Helps Prevent Jacks from Sinking

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Prevent from sinking or cracking

RV Stabilizer Jack Pads prevent fifth wheel stabilizers, swing down stabilizers, jacks from cracking or sinking into soft ground which designed with a reinforced honeycomb structure.

Portable Integrated Handle

Lightweight, built-in handle for easy of use on uneven surfaces such as gravel, tree roots when you are on travel.The stabilizing pads are also stackable if you need extra height, Eliminates the need for bulky blocks of wood or cinder blocks.

Superior material

Made of high-quality PVC housing and copper wire, anti-corrosion, plug-in resistant, wear-resistant and durable, with long service life.

Resistant to UV and Weather-Proof

Durable, UV resistant, weather proof Polypropylene. Although exposure in the sunshine or raining for a long time, Jacks made with UV stabilized resin can also work well.