50 Amp to 30 Amp RV Adapter, Heavy Duty, Durable and Safer Plug with an Easier Grip

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Product Description


50 AMP Male To 30 AMP Female Ends. 125V/3750 Watt. Designed For Greater Convenience And Ease Of Use.

This RV electrical adapter allows you to connect from a 30amp external receptacle at RV Park/Campground to a 50amp service on your RV, It is super-convenient when you are camping or RVING around the country,it fits almost all brands of RV campers and recreational vehicles.



Operating current: 50 AMP ( T T-30 P)Male to 30 AMP (14-50 R)Female

Voltage: 125V/3750-Watt


Jacket: PVC

Wire material: Copper Wiring


Package included:

1x 30M/50F RV Power Cord Adapter.