Camco 55205 18" PowerGrip Extender - 30 AMP

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Product Description

Camco's 18" 30 AMP PowerGrip Extenders are designed to connect to your RV power cord so you can enjoy the ease and convenience of our PowerGrip handles when connecting to a matching AMPerage outlet box. The extender is 18" long and rated for 30 AMPs and is cCSAus Certified. TT-30P/TT-30R.

About this item

  • Use extenders to get the ease of PowerGrip handles with the existing RV extension cord
  • PowerGrip handles make unplugging easier
  • 18" long extender
  • 30 AMP plug / 30 AMP connector (NEMA TT - 30 plug to TT-30 connector)
  • 125V/3750W and is cCSAus certified