Intake Strainer 3/4 Inch Bronze

Intake Strainer 3/4 Inch Bronze

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Product Description

Reduce installation time by installing a single through hull

These bronze through hulls combine the functions of a raw water intake and strainer. The scoop shape helps direct water into the intake and reduce air locks at higher speeds. The strainer was designed to remove larger debris and function as the first line of defense before intake water reaches a finer strainer. Frequently used for raw water intakes on smaller inboard gasoline and diesel engines, these through hulls can be used in many other applications including bait tanks, and AC cooling pick-ups. There are four holes for #8 fasteners in the strainer flange that can be used for additional attachment or to make installation a one person operation.

Key Features

  • Combines intake with straining functions
  • Speeds up installation
  • Helps prevent air lock at higher speeds
  • Directs water into intake at lower speeds
  • Includes flange nut
  • Cast bronze construction
  • Available in 3/4" stem diameters


  • Material: Bronze
  • Part Number : 220120