Turning Point Hustler 14 x 13 Aluminum 3 Blade Propeller

Turning Point Hustler 14 x 13 Aluminum 3 Blade Propeller

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Product Description

This 3-Blade Turning Point 21431311 Aluminum Prop with 4.25" Gearcase offers a superior experience while out on the water. It features a new and unique blade geometry and manufacturing processes. This 14" x 13" right hand Turning Point propeller is built to function as well or better than more high-priced units. It also out-performed most competitive stainless-steel models in recent tests.

It is squeeze cast for added strength, while enhancing handling and boat lift with aggressive rake and cupping. This hustler propeller increases top speed with hole-shot improvement, while giving a smoother ride. The tuned, progressive pitch angles move the water more efficiently while minimizing slip. It also provides excellent mid-range reliability, which saves you plenty of money in gas usage.

Turning Point 21431311 Hustler Aluminum Propeller with 4.25" Gearcase, 3-Blade, 14" x 13", Right Hand:

  • Aluminum propeller is squeeze cast for added strength
  • Stainless-steel level performance at a more approachable price point
  • Higher rake angles tighten the vortex produced by the propellers, adding to boat lift and overall performance
  • 14" x 13" right hand Turning Point propeller improves handling and boat lift through aggressive rake and cupping
  • Tuned, progressive, pitch angles accelerate and channel water to minimize slip and increase performance
  • Hustler propeller improves top speed, handling, hole shot, mid-range performance and fuel economy
  • New and unique blade design and manufacturing procedures
  • Provides a smoother ride
  • Hub Kit Not Included
  • Part Number : 214313